Saudi Arabia has unveiled plans for a performing arts centre in Qiddiya City, the massive sports and entertainment-focused project on the outskirts of Riyadh.

Aiming to welcome more than 800,000 visits annually, Qiddiya Performing Arts Centre will be home to more than 260 indoor and outdoor performances annually, across three theatres, totalling 3,000 seats. Each theatre promises an immersive experience by blending physical and digital elements, Qiddiya Investment Company said.

Striking architectural features include a cantilevered amphitheatre offering expansive views of Qiddiya City plateau and a 500-seat suspended venue.

The centre will use technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality and AI to showcase new productions. There will also be rooftop gardens, art galleries and plenty of green spaces.

Besides the performing arts centre, Qiddiya City will include a gaming and esports district aimed at becoming a global centre for competitions.

The 500,000-square-metre centre aims to host up to 25 esports teams at any time, as well as the regional headquarters of more than 30 video game companies. It plans to welcome 10 million visitors annually by 2030.

Plans are also underway for a speed park, golf courses, a water theme park and Six Flags Qiddiya.

Authorities announced in December that contracts worth 10 billion Saudi riyals ($2.66 billion) had been awarded so far.

"Qiddiya City embodies our commitment not only to entertainment and sports but also to the preservation and elevation of Saudi culture," said Abdullah Aldawood, managing director of Qiddiya Investment Company. "The introduction of the Qiddiya Performing Arts Centre heralds a new era of artistic expression and community engagement."

Part of the kingdom's Vision 2030 economic diversification agenda, Qiddiya City will include 60,000 buildings covering an area of 360 square kilometres and is expected to eventually have more than 600,000 residents. It is expected to create more than 325,000 jobs, yielding a nominal gross domestic product of 135 billion riyals ($36 billion) a year.

The project is also hoping to attract about 48 million visits per year.

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