Unstoppable at the Crease: Women Cricket’s Most Iconic Batswomen

These iconic batswomen have not only redefined batting in women's cricket but have also shattered stereotypes and paved the way for future generations of players. The post Unstoppable at the Crease: Women Cricket’s Most Iconic Batswomen appeared first on Cricket Country.

These are the best fine-dining restaurants in Riyadh

Visit these fine-dining restaurants when you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply looking to treat yourself… Riyadh has a plethora of worthy destinations when you want a great meal. But if you’re looking for something extra special, Riyadh’s fine dining restaurants offer the kind of atmosphere, service and cuisine that take dining out to the […]

Things you should refrigerate (but probably aren't)

While there are most likely many things that you refrigerate but shouldn’t, there are far more things that you keep in your home that should actually be stored in the fridge but aren't. Intrigued? Click through this gallery to see which things you should be putting in the fridge starting today.

Sara Cox on the joy of telling a good yarn – and why she’ll never write about a zombie invasion

Sara Cox on the joy of telling a good yarn – and why she’ll never write about a zombie invasion - The broadcaster and novelist talks to Lisa Salmon about writing novels, her ‘gorgeous’ horse, and why she stands up throughout her radio shows.

Kanwar Yatra 2024: Significance And Benefits Of This Divine Yatra During Sawan To Please Lord Shiva

The Kanwar Yatra is a revered and iconic pilgrimage in India, undertaken by millions of devotees during the sacred month of Sawan. This labour of love involves carrying sacred Ganga water in a kanwar, a small bamboo pole, on their shoulders, symbolising unwavering devotion, unshakeable faith, and a deep quest for spiritual growth. Steeped in Hindu tradition, the Kanwar Yatra embodies the essence of spiritual seeking and holds immense cultural...

7 global supermodels proud of their Arab heritage

Embracing their Arab heritage, these women have successfully carved successful modelling careers for themselves in the fashion industry. Emirates Woman has curated a list of supermodels who’ve honed their Arab heritage, as they continue to inspire the upcoming generation. Imaan Hammam View this post on Instagram A post shared by Imaan Hammam (@imaanhammam) […]

The best pet for you according to your personality and lifestyle

Looking for a pet, a dog perhaps or a cat? What about a rabbit or a hamster? Maybe it's a fish you're after, or some kind of bird. Acquiring a pet is one thing, but have you ever wondered whether or not you're actually compatible with animals? Believe it or not, it's possible to pick the perfect pet based on your personality and lifestyle. And it's important to choose the right buddy, because they can have a huge impact on your physical and mental health. So, what character traits do you possess, and do they complement those of your chosen pet? Click through and pair yourself with your next companion.

20 times animals made the news… for a funny reason!

Squirrels on skis, food-stealing birds, and grumpy cats—animals provide us with endless hours of entertainment, companionship, and the occasional laugh. And while newsfeeds fill with tales of scandal, corruption, and crime, a sliver of humour can work wonders for the brain and mental health. Whether it was for their looks or antics, click through for 20 times animals made the world laugh.

Wild dogs and other curious canines

Mention canines to most people and thoughts of dogs usually come to mind. But did you know that your pet pooch belongs to animals of the family Canidae? More specifically, the subfamily Caninae, which includes dogs, wolves, foxes, jackals, and coyotes. Furthermore, several of these creatures rank among the rarest in the world, endangered species that live in some of the remotest corners of the planet. So if you thought your dog was unique, think again! Intrigued? Click through and learn more about the Canidae family of animals.

Fascinating wedding traditions from around the world

There are countless meaningful wedding traditions from around the world that are kept and passed down to the following generations. With traditions symbolizing health, romance, unity, and happiness, these inspiring rituals have wonderful meanings in their cultures. Want to know more? Then click through the following gallery for a world trip in the different ways of saying "I do."

Surprising things you can do with your microwave

The microwave is a staple in most kitchens. Most of us, however, only use it to warm up and maybe defrost foods. But the microwave is a wonderful appliance that can do a lot more than just heating up leftovers. From cooking to cleaning, these microwave hacks will change your life for the better. Click through the gallery and start benefiting from these tips today.

Earliest Sunday roast? Neanderthals roasted small birds for dinner

There's nothing quite as comforting as sitting down for a Sunday roast. And it turns out the practice might have been going on for tens of thousands of years.

How to be more spontaneous

From going to work, to coming home, to watching TV for hours, life can sometimes become very repetitive and filled with routine. But even if routine and planning are important, there are many benefits to introducing some more spontaneity into your life. Indeed, it's time to let go of fear and become more spontaneous! Curious as to how to have more spur-of-the-moment adventures? Then click through this gallery.

Your Love and Relationship Horoscope for July 24th, 2024

These sun signs are likely to witness these changes in love today. Find daily astrological predictions for all sun signs for July 24. We recommend reading the horoscopes for your rising sign.Read: Your Daily Chinese HoroscopeAries Love HoroscopeToday, you can invest in the best of bot

Influential art movements of the 20th century

In the kaleidoscopic canvas of 20th-century art, each brushstroke told a story of rebellion, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of expression. Entire movements exploded into existence so that ideals could be brought to life in every possible way. A century of artistry saw the rise of abstract creation, performance, and the shattering of creative boundaries. Intrigued? Click through this gallery to see which art movements rose to prominence in the 20th century.

Cost of Royal family engagements over the last year rose to £4.2m

The royals cut back on engagements last year amid the illness of the King and the Princess of Wales - but the cost of them went up by £300,000, official accounts reveal.

Kathy Hilton narrowly escapes model’s path at Sutton Stracke’s fashion show

Kathy Hilton narrowly escapes model’s path at Sutton Stracke’s fashion show - ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ star accidentally found herself on the catwalk during co-star Sutton Stracke’s fashion show

Eye-popping facts about eyeglasses

Glasses serve various purposes for people. Some utilize them as a correction device for their eyesight, while others wear them to safeguard their delicate peepers. And of course there are individuals who sport glasses solely for aesthetic reasons. And while all these reasons are valid, how much do you really know about eyewear? Sure, they enhance vision, But did you know for example, that the use of wearable eyewear dates back to 13th-century Italy? For more intriguing specs about eyewear, click and focus on the gallery.

Ask A Nutrition Professional: What Is The Different Between Sweet Potato And Potato?

Expert opinion from Cassia D Muller Bechelor in Nutrition · 2 years of experience · Brazil Sweet potatoes, in addition to containing more vitamins and fibers, have a lower glycemic index than English potatoes, which causes a difference in how this food is absorbed by the body, making the sweet potato carbohydrate take longer to enter the blood flow...

Baby skin care: tips for your newborn

If you're a new parent and are just getting settled into a new routine with your baby, keeping your little one warm and fed is your main priority. However, caring for your baby's skin is also important, and there are particular ways to look after it until it has time to mature. Should you have concerns about your newborn's skin, it's best to speak to your healthcare provider. But if you're looking for starter tips on how best to look after your bundle of joy, click through this gallery today.

Ask A Nutrition Professional: How Do Bananas Cause An Allergic Reaction?

Expert opinion from Cate F Keen Bachelor of Health Science (Food & Nutrition) · 2 years of experience · Australia Bananas may cause an allergic reaction due to the enzyme present called chitinase. This enzyme is also present in other fruits such as avocadoes and is very similar to proteins found in other natural substances such as latex. The immune...

Why the news about "cocaine sharks" is even worse than you think

It is well known that our environment is in danger. It's perhaps less acknowledged that every species, even if it seems menacing, is important to maintaining the balance of our ecosystem. If our ecosystem is not balanced, it's only a matter of time before the negative effects are felt in the form of resource shortages, mass extinctions, and further global warming. A very important animal in the ocean ecosystem is the shark. For a long time, humans have feared sharks and have been convinced that they are a danger. While they may pose an immediate threat if you are swimming near them with a cut leg, sharks don't actually attack that many humans. On the contrary: humans kill millions of sharks every year, accidentally and intentionally. Recently, the human impact on the endangered shark population reached a new low. Scientists captured 13 sharpnose sharks from the Brazilian coastline off Rio de Janeiro and found that they all had high levels of cocaine in their bodies. The findings were published in the journal Science of the Total Environment and explained that they all tested positive for the recreational drug, which had likely entered the water via the city's sewage system. They theorized that it could have come from illegal cocaine farms, the untreated bodily waste of cocaine users, or even bales of the drug abandoned in the ocean by smugglers. It's the first time cocaine has been detected in free-roaming sharks, and scientists are concerned about the impact it will have on their health and behavior. It's concerning to think of sharks becoming more unpredictable and aggressive, which are the side effects noted in some humans who take the drug. "Cocaine targets the brain, and hyperactive and erratic behaviour has been noted in other animals. It's a possibility and further studies are required," said Enrico Mendes Saggioro, an ecotoxicologist from the Oswaldo Cruz Institute. Ecologists have long warned of the dangers of industrial pollution and overfishing, but drug pollution is an entirely new threat to reckon with. The repercussions of our actions will lead not only to the eventual extinction of sharks, but also to the destruction of many water ecosystems. To understand why sharks are so crucial to our world, and how we can help their survival, click through this gallery.

These Korean Skin Care Brands Will Give You Glass Skin

Inspo for your next K-beauty haul.

The forgotten art of calligraphy

The word calligraphy literally means to write with beauty, based on the Greek origin of the word. And perfecting calligraphy, or the art of decorative handwriting or handwritten lettering, is indeed a fine art. But who can we thank for developing this expressive, ornamental, and harmonious method of communication, and is it a lost art form? Click through the following gallery and find out more about the decorative art of the written word.

These celebrities have the strangest middle names

Celebrities are often the sources of new trends: fashion, food, and sometimes even names. Who wants to bet a whole generation of Gigis and Kendalls are on the way? That being said, not all stars were blessed with beautiful names. Even the ones who got to pick their own names later in life made questionable choices. Click through the gallery to see what unusual middle names these celebrities are hiding!

Celebrities Who Prove What a Difference a Center Part Can Make

Which way do you like Selena's hair best?

Inside G Flip and Chrishell Stause's wild Western nuptials: Stars open up their wedding album after they tie the knot for a second time - as Selling Sunset star rides a mechanical bull

G Flip and Chrishell Stause married for a second time over the weekend, tying the knot in a Western-themed ceremony in Australia one year after eloping in Las Vegas.

12 Unbelievably Comfy Sandals Perfect for Travel From Birkenstock, Vionic, and More — on Sale Starting at $30

They’re more comfortable than your favorite pair of walking sneakers.

Wanted - vegetarians only! One bedroom apartment where NO meat allowed

The flat, on Kenton Lane, London is being advertised for £1,450 per month but potential renters must have a meat-free diet.

LVMH Growth Slows Amid China Luxury Spending Slump

Luxury grup LVMH saw a slowdown in sales in the last quarter as wealthy shoppers reined in spending on pricey handbags and couture. Organic revenue at the luxury group's fashion and leather goods unit rose 1%, about half the gain expected by analysts. The group saw sales in the region that includes China tumble 14% in the quarter. Bloomberg's Rachel Chang reports.

The best advice for anyone who lives alone

Living alone for the first time can seem daunting. Whether you're in your twenties and move into your own apartment for the first time, or it's a little later in life and you're venturing out for the first time without a partner, it can take some getting used to. There are practical concerns, safety concerns, and the challenge of simply being alone with yourself. Here are some of the best tips for anyone who lives alone. Whether you're worried about serial killers or how to zip up the back of your dress with no one there to help, we've got you covered! Click through the gallery to get started.

10 Polished, First Class-worthy Travel Pants That Are As Comfortable As Your Favorite Sweats — All Under $50

From linen pants to joggers, we have you covered with stylish pants to wear on long flights.

Cradle Cap Warning Signs: What To Look Out For

Overview A condition characterized by crusting and white or yellow scales on a baby’s scalp. This is not contagious, and does not result from poor hygiene. Symptoms If you're experiencing new, severe, or persistent symptoms, contact a health care provider. Most commonly noted symptoms are: Patchy scaling or thick crusts which may also be present on...

Mind-bending paradoxes and puzzles that challenge perception

Socrates famously once said: "I know one thing, that I know nothing." This crucial piece of insight, from one of the founders of Western philosophy, basically means that you should question everything you think you know. And if you take a truly closer look at things, you'll start to recognize paradoxes all around you. These paradoxes stimulate a great deal of philosophical thinking, and many have been able to both summarize and expose fallacies of important philosophical problems. With some dating back to ancient times, click on for some of the most influential philosophical puzzles and paradoxes ever conceived of.

Professional Faqs: How To Cope With Having Dissociative Identity Disorder?

Expert opinion from Israel B Dos Santos Master of Public Health · 1 years of experience · Brazil There are different ways to cope with a dissociative identity disorder. Several key points about coping strategies include: the most effective strategies for you can depend on the specific symptoms you experience; unhealthy coping mechanisms can’t heal ...

Easy bathroom storage hacks that will make your life easier

Cracking under the clutter in a busy bathroom? Make use of each inch of space with these bathroom storage hacks.

The dark truth behind your childhood memories

We often mistake children’s media as content that has been specially made with great care for young viewers. The truth, however, is that most of our childhood memories are based on strange adaptations, dark secrets, and disturbing jokes made by often unstable adults. If you want to know more, and if you're ready for it, click through this gallery to learn facts that will completely change how you see your childhood.

Seeking out the "four F's" of commonly foraged food

The practice of foraging for food resources in the wild dates back to the time of the hunter-gatherer. Long before the advent of organized agriculture, seeking out sustenance in the environment was the only way early humans could survive. As they did so, these pioneers of self-preservation identified a host of edible plants, leaves, and flowers that are still used today by those who like to forage for and prepare wild food in a centuries-old customary manner. In fact, foraging has faced an upswing in popularity in recent years. And while it's essential to correctly identify what's safe to eat and what isn't, venturing into woodland to seek out the "four F's" of commonly foraged food—fruit, foliage, flora, and fungus—serves not only as an exercise in healthy living but as a way of enjoying a communion with Mother Nature. So, do you know how to forage for food from forests? Click through and take your pick from this list of wild edibles.

Sawan 2024: Why Wearing Green Bangles Is Considered Auspicious During Shravan Month? Know Significance And Benefits

Sawan 2024: The colour green holds great significance during the month of Sawan, considered a highly auspicious and beneficial time to incorporate green into one's attire, such as wearing green sarees and Kurtis. This practice symbolizes a connection with nature, as green is the colour of the natural world during this month. As the fifth month in the Hindu calendar, Sawan marks the beginning of the festive season, which culminates at the end of...

Foreign foods English speakers love to mispronounce

The cuisine in the English-speaking world is as varied and diverse as its population. As a result, there are terms constantly entering our vocabulary that prove to be a bit challenging with the English vernacular. With some pronunciations being a bit off and others being flat-out incorrect, here are 30 names of foods in this gallery that English speakers just can't seem to get right.

Things every home in the '70s had that you rarely see today

Feeling nostalgic about the '70s? Well, it's time for a reminder of how we used to live back then. From floral patterned furniture to record players and colored Pyrex dishes, there were certain items most modern homes had at the time. But whether good, bad, or just plain tacky, homes in the 1970s were certainly unique! And if you didn't live it, then you should definitely take a look at how it was. So, if you want to step inside the time machine, click through this gallery of 30 things homes in the '70s had that you rarely see today.

Are you teaching your children these essential life skills?

As busy as adult life can be, with the responsibilities of work and parenthood, the value of going the extra mile to help your children learn the fundamentals of life cannot be understated. Not only will this help mold them into equally responsible adults, but it will also provide them with a diverse skill set, so they are not bewildered and lost when they finally leave home and begin their own independent lives. Take a look through the gallery to find out some essential lessons to help your children on their journey to fantastic knowledge and life experience.

Who were the most beautiful women of the '90s?

Beauty is timeless, but for Hollywood it's a little more timeless than for the rest of us. This list of the most gorgeous icons from the '90s would all still make the cut today! How do they achieve such long-lasting good looks? Perhaps there's some secret beauty treatment only available to the super-elite, or perhaps it's just good genes... Whatever their secret, each one of these women is the beholder of a timeless beauty that can't be denied. Let's take a look back at some of these '90s goddesses in their heydays. Click through the gallery to get started.

5 Elegant Cotton Sarees For Office Wear

In this sticky and humid monsoon season, lightweight and comfortable cotton sarees come to our rescue. Especially for those who have to travel daily for work, cotton sarees are ideal as they ensure the utmost comfort during long hours at work. We have curated a hand-picked list of five elegant cotton sarees for office wear. Keep reading to learn more. Cotton Saree Designs For Office Wear From prints to florals, there is a vibrant variety of...

Ask A Nutrition Professional: How Much Sugar Is In Rum?

Expert opinion from Leticia Soares Postgraduate Degree in Public and Family Health/Bachelor Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics · 5 years of experience · Brazil Rum is made from boiled sugarcane juice, the molasses, through a process of fermentation and distillation. Fermentation will result in the transformation of existing sugars in the juice into ...

A parent's guide to raising emotionally intelligent children

Whether you have one child or multiple, teaching them about emotional intelligence is crucial. This life-changing skill will not only benefit you as a parent, but the child will have a happier, healthier, and often more successful life. If this is your first time hearing emotional intelligence or EQ, fret not, for you're in the right place. This parent's guide will lay out the basics of what emotional intelligence is, why it is important, tips to help teach your kids EQ, and so much more! Curious how you can be the best for your child and help them along the way? Click through now.

30 cute family moments from the animal kingdom

There’s a unique bond that develops between a parent and his or her babies, even in the mammal world. And catching those moments of quiet cuddling (or playing!) is almost always awe-inducing. Here are 30 such sentimental shots.

Professional Faqs: How Does Bipolar Disorder Affect Quality Of Life?

Expert opinion from Fahad Saifi MBBS · 1.5 years of experience · India People with bipolar disorder experience compromised quality of life with profound impact on different domains. Including education. Work productivity and intimate relationships. Impaired quality of life has been reported to persist even when patients are in remission. Expert opi...

First-ever Blind Barbie offers inclusivity, fun

She will have lots of features to differentiate her from her counterparts

How to promote civility and respect around you

Without even noticing, we can all be uncivil. This can sometimes entail an overlooked email, a missed meeting, or even a forgotten acknowledgment. While these mishaps can seem innocent, when repeated they can translate to a lack of respect for others. And this can be problematic. Everyone wants to be treated with kindness and respect, and by demonstrating civility you'll do just that. To learn more about the importance of civility and how to promote it, click on the following gallery.