Exploring Your Destiny: Daily Horoscope - December 3, 2023

ALBAWABA - Curious about what your horoscope predictions will be for December 3, 2023? What's in store for you in your horoscope, astronomer? Let's find out. ShutterstockExploring Your Destiny: Daily Horoscope - December 3, 2023Aries (March 21 - April 19)ShutterstockTomorrow might bring a surge of confidence and assertiveness. It's the perfect time to tackle those projects you've been putting off. Your perseverance will pay off, leading to new...

A-list couples who don't live together

In recent years, we've started to learn that there are many different ways to be partners in love and life, and not every relationship follows the same route. Some couples opt for a rather unconventional situation - choosing not to live together at all - sometimes even despite saying "I do." This includes a number of celebrity couples, which will likely surprise you! Click on and get to know the celebrity couples who live apart, together.

UAE flag-coloured cakes, dim sum and other treats for Union Day

For Union Day, restaurants in the UAE will dish out their creative culinary skills to commemorate the occasion. From cookies and cheesecakes to savoury dishes such as dim sum dressed in the country's colours, here are some to check out. Sahn Eddar Burj Al Arab's executive pastry chef Tom Coll has created a limited-edition cheesecake selection featu...

A Sneak Peak Into NEOM’s Latest Gem: Siranna, A Hotel Nestled Between The Sea & Mountains

By Habiba El Madbouly In the northwest part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia lies a region called NEOM, and it is like a city coming from the far future, only that it is not a city but a collective region or hub that enjoys different climates, unlimited access to nature, and high livability standards. Recently, NEOM, a compound word meaning new-future-has announced its newest luxury tourist attraction “Siranna.” It is a breathtaking hotel situated...

Relationship tips for couples over 40

In the intricate dance of love, couples over 40 face a unique set of challenges and joys. Juggling careers, family, and personal growth, the dynamics shift, requiring a nuanced approach to keep the flame burning. But it's certainly possible! In this gallery, we explore practical and heartfelt tips to navigate this chapter of life. Swipe through to learn how to keep the love alive!

Tunisian fashion showcased at Brics Fashion Summit in Moscow (CEPEX)

03/12/2023 10:23, TUNIS/Tunisia (TAP)-Tunisian fashion had starred at the Brics Fashion Summit in Moscow from November 29 to December 2, 2023, the Export Promotion Centre (CEPEX) announced on Sunday.The first BRICS forum devoted to fashion is intended "as a business communication centre bringing together leading professionals, light industry experts, journalists, bloggers, academics, emerging designers and up-and-coming brands from all over the...

The most important events of the Edwardian Era

Great Britain's Edwardian era refers to the period between 1901 and 1910 during the reign of King Edward VII. These years spanned an epoch that was defined by some truly historic leaps in social, creative, and technological advances, both in the United Kingdom and abroad. While Edward VII's tenure was brief, the near-decade he ruled over is remembered for a series of important events in British and international history that still reverberate today. So, what among these are the most significant? Click through and revisit the Edwardian era.

How to read people’s eyes: secrets cues and giveaways

They say the eyes are the window to the soul, and that’s actually truer than we might care to think. Beyond the mysticism of what the eyes can convey and connect you to, there are some more concrete forms of interpreting what a person is thinking or feeling based on specific cues and movements. Eye reading can tell you so much more than the words that might be coming out of someone’s mouth. As the famous Tony Montana line goes from ‘Scarface’ (1983): “The eyes, chico. They never lie.” Click through and learn about all the secrets giveaways eyes provide.

Funny pictures of faces where you wouldn't expect them!

The surprising side effects of kissing

Yes, kissing is great. It's the ultimate display of affection and it's a quintessential human behavior. And kissing does have a wide range of effects on both our mental and physical health. From triggering the production of a number of chemicals, to exposing us to germs, kissing has a surprising number of side effects. Curious to find out more about them? Then click on!

Duke and Duchess of Sussex left off wedding guestlist?

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex reportedly won't be invited to the Duke of Westminster's wedding, even though he is a close friend of Prince Harry.

The world's spectacular beauty captured in these breathtaking images

Feast your eyes on these spellbinding images from last year's Historic Photographer of the Year Awards, which show off some of the world's most storied sites in all their glory.

Cute photos of cats doing typical cat things

The Best Shirtless Blazer Looks Of The Stars

The world of high fashion and celebrity style is no stranger to bold statements and rule-breaking trends. But when it comes to red carpet glam, one daring look is capturing the spotlight: the shirtless blazer! That's right, folks – your favorite celebs are tossing aside the traditional layers and letting the blazer do all the talking.Celebrities Rocking the Shirtless Blazer TrendExplore this gallery to witness the mastery of celebrities who have embraced the shirtless blazer trend, and perhaps consider shedding the extra layers in your own style journey!

Bad signs in people which suggest a manipulative character

Manipulative people walk among us! Unfortunately, they are also many in number. They lack the normal compassion and empathy that most people naturally have, and exhibit many toxic traits. There are a huge number of reasons why people may end up being manipulative, and in some cases they may well need some compassion themselves. However, you can't allow people like this to control your life. Take a look through the gallery to find out a number of clear warning signs that the person you are dealing with may be manipulative and should be avoided!

What Are The Benefits Of Following Types Of Milk: Goat Milk, Whole Milk, Condensed Milk? A Review By Nutrition Professionals

Expert opinion from Mariana Brkic Bachelor in Nutrition · 10 years of experience · Argentina Goat milk may be easier to digest as it provides small fat globule size and high short and medium chain fatty acids content. Moreover, goat milk has higher amounts of conjugated linoleic acid a fat acid that plays important roles in immune stimulation, grow...

Mind-blowing facts about the US that most Americans would be surprised to learn

How much do you know about the United States of America? For example, are you aware that the current American flag was designed by a 16-year-old as part of a school project? Or that the US does not have an official language? What about the fact that there are more cattle in South Dakota than people? And are you aware that the nation is the only one on Earth that features all five major climate zones? Intrigued? Click through and be surprised by these amazing reality checks and more.

Open up the secrets behind famous gates around the world

These 38 incredible gateways are works of art in their own right. But some have dark histories.

What you didn't know about Christmas lights

It's the season of delicious cookies, Santa, gifts, and, of course, twinkling lights of all shapes and sizes. A staple of the holiday season, Christmas lights add a touch of magic to homes and businesses alike, plus they're a great way to spread holiday cheer. But did you know they have a long and colorful, but often overlooked, history? Click on for a few things you may not have known about these festive lights.

The ancient tradition of neck elongation

The ancient tradition of neck elongation has been around for over 1,000 years. This form of body modification is still used to this day by some peoples in Asia and Africa, and doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. But where does the tradition come from, and why do women keep wearing coils around their necks? In this gallery, we delve deep into the ancient tradition of neck elongation and bring you the story of those known as "giraffe women."

Margaret, beloved sister and friend to Queen Elizabeth: her life in photos

Religious idioms, explained

Idioms are expressions where the words don't have a literal meaning. Most of us are familiar with these idiomatic expressions and indeed their figurative meanings. But did you know that some of the most famous have their roots in religion? In some cases it's obvious, in others less so. Regardless, do you know exactly what the most common religious idioms mean? If you're into words, then practice what you preach and click through the following gallery!

The most influential royal mistresses throughout history

The title of royal mistress goes back thousands of years. And as drama and scandal surrounded these women, society would often look down on them. However, these opinions were often kept a secret, because for some, the position of royal mistress was one of the highest in the land. Far from just keeping a monarch company in the bedchamber, royal mistresses, especially those from high-ranking families, often influenced them on issues of their own interests, and those of their relatives. And even if it could be an unstable position, love and lust remained strong, leaving an everlasting mark on the pages of history books. Intrigued? Click on to discover the most influential royal mistresses throughout history.

Why the pigeon is the world's most misunderstood bird

Our interactions with pigeons these days usually involve shooing them away from our food or sighing through their endless showers of excrement over our cars, benches, and balconies. They are seen as a dirty, diseased nuisance, pecking their way through our garbage and displaying seemingly no function in the animal kingdom at all. But no matter how much people despise these so-called “rats with wings,” we only have ourselves to blame. Humans have largely forgotten that pigeons were actually domesticated many years ago. Ever since, pigeons have proved to be an incredibly smart and talented species. They’ve provided numerous functions for humans (even saving lives), yet after pulling them out of their homes to provide us services, humans now regard them like invasive city pests. Indeed, there’s much to learn about the pigeon that's beyond street-level, so click through to find out why it’s the most misunderstood bird in the world.

When celebrities get their make up (way) wrong

Celebrities, although they strive for a perfect appearance, sometimes experience makeup mishaps that become widely known when closely examined. Despite their wealth and access to skilled experts, these well-known individuals have made mistakes while applying makeup. Click on for an education on how not to put your face on!

Blackpink face to face with British royalty in Buckingham Palace

Remembering the incredible charitable work of Princess Diana

Things you can do today to improve your quality of life

When we hear the term "quality of life," many of us think of it as something static that we don't have much control over. We have a tendency to confuse it with "standard of living," which is related directly to wealth and is therefore difficult for many of us to change quickly. Quality of life, by contrast, is not directly related to wealth and can be achieved by forming good habits such as eating well, exercising regularly, and surrounding yourself with the right people. With this said, check out this gallery for some things you can do today to improve your quality of life.

The most impressive examples of wooden architecture in the world

History's most extraordinary child prodigies

Child prodigies are usually gifted with extraordinary talents that allow them to perform at a much higher lever than that expected for their age. While rare, throughout history there have been numerous examples of children who achieved extraordinary things that most adults can only dream of. In this gallery, we bring you some of these exceptional children who were born with amazing gifts. Click on and get to know them!

How to deal with stress, according to your star sign

Whether you avoid stress like the plague, or you embrace and use it to drive you forward, the simple fact is that stress is a part of life. After all, how boring would it be if everything were plain sailing all the time? We all have different techniques for dealing with stress, and some are more healthy than others. Some are also more effective than others. For their part, astrologists believe that what works best for each individual is determined by one's star sign. Intrigued? Check out this gallery for some stress-busting tips for your star sign.

Celebrities who experienced the loss of a partner

Losing your partner is earth-shattering. However, grief can often inspire courage and hope. Some of these widowed stars went on to achieve greatness, even after such a horrific loss. Yet others found the mourning process more difficult to move on from. Browse this gallery of prominent celebs who managed to go on with life after losing their significant others.

The appealing history of the Advent calendar

The countdown to Christmas just wouldn't be the same without Advent calendars. Whether those little windows open to reveal a Christmas scene, a piece of chocolate, or even a miniature bottle of booze, the calendars are loved by children and adults alike. But how did the tradition begin, and how has it changed over the years? Like the tradition of the Christmas tree, the story begins in Germany. Curiosity piqued? Click through this gallery to discover the appealing history of the Advent calendar.

Why we should be teaching all young children sign language

Most people with verbal children who are not deaf don’t even consider teaching their kids sign language. For them, it might seem like teaching them how to speak and behave is hard enough. But what if we told you that teaching your kids sign language could actually help young children’s development and ease the load on parents as well? From less temper tantrums to an improved IQ, click through to learn about the many surprising benefits of teaching all young children sign language.

Guess who these people are without seeing their faces

Life skills parents can teach their children for success

As busy as adult life can be, with the responsibilities of work and parenthood, the value of going the extra mile to help your children learn the fundamentals of life cannot be understated. Not only will this help mold them into equally responsible adults, but it will also provide them with a diverse skill set, so they are not bewildered and lost when they finally leave home and begin their own independent lives. Take a look through the gallery to find out some essential lessons to help your children on their journey to fantastic knowledge and life experience.

Where does the fear of the number thirteen come from?

Why King Charles's tie at Cop28 in Dubai is raising eyebrows in the UK

A tie adorned with a pattern of Greek flags worn by King Charles III on the opening day of Cop28 in Dubai on Thursday has raised some eyebrows in the UK. The British monarch's choice of neckwear, which was complemented by a matching blue-and-white pocket handkerchief, has been interpreted by many in Greece as a gesture of solidarity with their caus...

Animals that can survive (almost) anything

Nature is amazing, and some animals almost seem to have superpowers. For instance, some creatures are able to survive very harsh conditions, including extreme temperatures, little sunlight, and even lack of oxygen. These animals and organisms are prime examples that species can indeed adapt. Curious to find out which animals are the toughest? Then click on!

Wasabi: Just How Much Is Good For You And Nutritional Benefits

Mind-bending paradoxes and puzzles that challenge perception

Socrates famously once said: "I know one thing, that I know nothing." This crucial piece of insight, from one of the founders of Western philosophy, basically means that you should question everything you think you know. And if you take a truly closer look at things, you'll start to recognize paradoxes all around you. These paradoxes stimulate a great deal of philosophical thinking, and many have been able to both summarize and expose fallacies of important philosophical problems. With some dating back to ancient times, click on for some of the most influential philosophical puzzles and paradoxes ever conceived of.

Professional FAQs: Is Maize Powder Gluten Free?

Expert opinion from Michael Colangelo Master of Science (M.S.) in Nutrition · 15 years of experience · USA Maize powder is naturally gluten free and it is a healthy choice for individuals with celiac disease or for those with gluten intolerance. If the maize(or corn) powder is purchased in bulk, it may come in contact with other gluten containing g...

Larger than life sculptures that are mammoth in size

These are some of the biggest, tallest and most awe-inspiring statues and sculptures on Earth.

These are the world's most BEAUTIFUL greenhouses

From the towering palms and Brutalist architecture of London’s Barbican Conservatory to the glass rooftop of Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay, here’s our pick of the world's best greenhouses.

These are the most important years of your life

One of the coolest things with humans is that, as different as we may be, there are certain rites of passage that happen for most of us. And even if aging can seem scary, scientific studies have found that life isn't a downhill slide after our youth passes. There are plenty of areas that we peak in well into middle and old age. For example, teens may have vitality on their side, but older people are generally more psychologically stable. Intrigued? Then check out the following gallery to discover some of the most important years of your life.

History's most infamous unfinished buildings

There are numerous examples of ambitious but ultimately flawed architectural projects. Around the world are plenty of structures that on paper probably appeared destined for success, but instead were either abandoned or left languishing in construction limbo, often due to lack of funds or political strife. Among these unfinished buildings are palaces, cathedrals, skyscrapers, and even a nuclear power plant. So, where can you find some of the most notorious architecture that never was... or still might be? Click through and study the blueprints, so to say.

Outlaw art: artists wanted by the law

Art has always been a medium for rebellion. Many of the greatest artists throughout history were so revolutionary that they caused shock and offense to a criminal degree! From graphic depictions of the human body, to political statements that countered oppressive regimes, paint and brush have always had the power to speak louder than words. There is a freedom in artistic expression that harnesses the outlaw spirit and cannot be restricted by conservative societal norms, or even criminal laws. However, this rebellious energy was also reflected in the personal lives of some great artists. Violence, arson, and abuse have darkened the legacies of some of the greatest creatives from the Renaissance to the Modern Art period. Click through this gallery to learn about the artists, both troubled and brave, who ended up on the wrong side of the law.

Behold the biggest royal fashion fails

Being a royal typically means that you have access to the finest clothes and accessories, but unfortunately, that doesn't automatically mean you have good style. While we are used to seeing royals as fashion icons in glamorous dresses and extravagant jewelry, they don't get it right 100% of the time. Especially not in the '80s... In this gallery, we look at some of the worst royal fashion faux pas in history. Curious? Click through and see if you agree with us.

Your Love and Relationship Horoscope for December 3rd, 2023

Cupid may shower love for the following zodiacs. Find love daily astrological prediction for all sun signs for December 3rd. We recommend reading the horoscopes for your rising sign.Read: Your Daily Chinese HoroscopeAries Love HoroscopeToday's planetary energies bring surprises! Meetin

The most famous rocks in the world

Humans have had a long fascination with ancient standing stones, stone circles, and megaliths. Scattered across the world, archaeologists and historians continue to debate their purpose and significance. Some theories propose that ancient civilizations built them as places of ritual and worship, while others suggest they served as astronomical sites. Many have drawn humans to marvel and even climb them. And others are so impressive that they're filled with cultural, religious, or even political importance. In this gallery, check out some famous rocks, stones, and more found across the world. Click on to discover more.