A woman has said she doesn't want anyone else other than herself and her husband changing her six-month-old baby's nappy, even banning the grandparents from getting involved. She said she wants to "set standards early", also adding the grandparents must ask permission before cuddling the baby rather than just "grabbing" at him.

The mother explained that she wants to make nappy changes a "positive experience" for her baby boy, stopping when he begins to cry and only continuing once he has calmed down.

She added that she found it "overbearing" when her mother-in-law went to change the baby's nappy without permission.

Now, the mother says, she is "drawing a line".

On Mumsnet, the mother explained: "Obviously I understand if we're not available due to nursery eventually or if someone else is babysitting then I'm happy for someone else to do it however this has not yet been the case.

"A while ago, my mother-in-law was over and my baby started crying and rather than just give him back decided to take it upon herself to change him (I was standing right there).

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"He continued crying throughout the change and she gave him back straight after but it annoyed me as it wasn't her place to change him."

Asking the mums for the platform for advice, she continued: "I didn't say anything. At the time, my son was four months old and I was trying to be nice and friendly. However, I'm now starting to find her more overbearing and I'm getting close to drawing a line."

One person responded: "You should put your boundaries in on things like this and explain what they are at an appropriate time. If anyone doesn't respect those boundaries then it's their problem, not yours but you need to communicate them clearly.

"This is key to a healthy relationship with her going forwards otherwise resentment will build if you are sitting there watching her doing things you would prefer to be doing."

Another commented: "I think it was cheeky of her to go ahead and change the nappy while you were right there without so much as asking first.

"People (especially mother-in-laws) are territorial about babies and it's fine for you to draw boundaries. You don't have to accept any behaviour that makes you feel uncomfortable, no matter how much people try to pressure you."

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