• Gen Z is still figuring out what to wear for in-person work in an office.
  • Dressing inappropriately at work can have career consequences.
  • Fashion designer Christian Siriano advises saving your best outfits for occasions outside of work.

As corporate offices become more populated with in-person workers, a new generation of employees is figuring out what to wear. Gen Z employees are even turning to TikTok for workwear inspiration.

Christian Siriano, whose designs are beloved by A-list celebrities and first ladies alike, believes it's possible to balance fashion and function when it comes to dressing for the office.

"The young generation, obviously, always will push forward cool trends that are interesting," he told Business Insider while promoting his partnership with Persil laundry detergent. "They follow their favorite music artist and she's wearing that cool crop top and a big baggy pant or whatever it is. But I do think for work and certain things, there are ways to be in the moment but also feel respectful."

When it comes to dressing for success, Siriano's workwear advice is practical — at the end of the day, work is work. Play it safe and save the daring looks you love for more meaningful settings.

"Don't waste your best outfit in the office," Siriano said. "What, you want to impress your colleagues every day? I think it's more fun to save your best looks for the people that you love being with and hanging out with. If you're going out to dinner, going on a date — that's, for me, where you really save the moment."

Corporate stylist Maree Ellard previously told Business Insider that exposing too much skin is one of the biggest professional style mistakes she sees Gen Z make. Dressing inappropriately for work is more than just a fashion faux pas — it can also have career consequences when it comes to performance evaluations and promotions.

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