Every Ramadan, it is inevitable to be invited to a family gathering and with that comes the need to buy the perfect gift for your host. Thing is, all of us end up falling into the trap of buying a dessert which has become quite overdone and predictable. To change things up, we’ve put together a collection of unique and thoughtful gifts perfect for the holy month.

From the start of the Ramadan season, infamous international jewelry brand Azza Fahmy released a special and new Ramadan curation made up of four families, Soraya, El Nur, Turath and Rumuz. Each family of jewelry has a story like how El Nur is devoted to pieces inspired by songs, poetry, proverbs and positive affirmations of Arabic heritage like their “El Hawa Hawaya” hand pierced earrings interwoven with Arabic calligraphy. Depending on which piece you go for, their prices range from 5000 to 40,000 EGP.

Bringing a simple and elegant touch to any home is MUD Studios, a Cairo-based brand specialized in artisanal clay and marble products. MUD Studios’ online store is home to a wide collection of home-based products ranging from uniquely shaped pastel colored pencil pots to glossy thick marbled plates. For Ramadan, a great go-to gift option is their marble tableware set. Each set comes in four colours and includes a salad bowl, 6 individual bowls and 6 flat and deep plates, costing between 24,777 to 26,496 EGP.

Spearheaded by Sharehan Taman, a passionate Egyptian fashion designer, Capa Womenswear is the Cairo-based clothing brand all about empowering women through extravagant and stylish kaftans. Recently, they launched their Ramadan collection made of bright and colorful caped kaftans embellished with gold trimming that come in three colours. To get your hands on of their special kaftans, you can make an order through their official Instagram account.

Bringing something new to the table, just last year, real estate developer Hassan Morshedy released his very own line of unisex perfumes that came in six different scents. To match the vibes of Ramadan, we recommend going for their “Noir” scent with top notes of raspberry, geranium and oud. For a lighter citrus-like scent, you can buy their “Zyhra” perfume made with orange and heart notes of jasmine. To get your hands on a bottle, head to Morshedy’s official Instagram page.

After a long and hectic day of fasting, nothing beats coming back home to a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. Scented candles are a tried and true way to create that sort of ambiance and that is why we recommend checking out Wicks & More’s collection of Ramadan scented candles that come in a range of sizes including tin, medium cup and large jar. Some of their top scents include Oriental oud, Sandalwood, Arabian Nights and Arabesque with their prices ranging from 110 to 200 EGP. To buy any scent of your choosing, check out their official website.

With it being the month of giving and spirituality, instead of going for a boxed gift, you can do something entirely different that goes in line with the spirit of Ramadan. Get together with your friends and family and put together an envelope of money that you will then donate to a charity under the name of your host. It can be any amount of your choosing and you can use this guide to pick out the charity of your choosing.

As most of these gifts are available online, we recommend making sure to make your order a few days before the gathering so that you have time to wrap your gift and have it ready for the special day. We have a feeling that your host will love any of these Ramadan gift picks as they are all unique, thoughtful and a far cry away from the usual quick pick-up desserts of every year.

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