An MMA fighter decided to propose to his girlfriend following a fight over the weekend.

She said no.

Lukas Bukovaz fought in a 2 vs. 1 match alongside his partner, Patrik Horvath, over the weekend. But despite being massive favorites, they lost the fight.

Still, Bukovaz attempted to propose to his girlfriend inside of the ring following the loss. Unfortunately, though, she rejected his proposal.

It was a very tough scene.

“Based on everything that’s happened, I think probably not,” she said. “I don’t think so.”

The New York Post had more:

While she was speaking, it appeared that one of Bukovaz’s coaches had attempted to spew water at her from his bottle, momentarily stopping her comments from being heard by the raucous crowd.

His girlfriend further explained that the reason for the no is that he had recently been found to be unfaithful to her, although Bukovaz denied the accusation.

Proposing in public is always a risk. Even if you're 100 percent sure that they are going to say yes, why subject yourself to that possible scene?

Do it in private and save yourself the possible embarrassment.

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