My Shoujo Manga 2015 - Top 10

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I've made my top 10 Shoujo manga i've ever read!
Of course everyone has is own opinion, and so do i.

So, if you're shoujo manga isn't in this list, sorry about that!
But maybe some manga you readed, did i not read.

And, i'm gonna make a top 10 sohujo, romance anime too, so don't worry! This is just especially my favourite list:)

Top 10, Watashi ni xx shinasai
Top 9, Strobe edge
Top 8, Orange - Takano Ichigo
Top 7, Beast master
Top 6, Gakuen Alice
Top 5, Suki desu suzuki-kun!
Top 4, Kimi ni todoke
Top 3, Dengeki Daisy
Top 2, Ao Haru Ride
Top 1, Akagami no Shirayukihime
Song i used:
She's all that - Hollywood ending, i made a nightcore version for this video.

The wallpapers i used are most from, you can search through google images if you want the pictures too.

Thanks for watching!
~Yukita Online
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